360° Brewing Company


These are our core beers that we brew all year round. They are available in a variety of formats, with most in cask, keg and 500ml bottle or 330ml can and you can look at each beer to see in what format it is available. Our choice of packaging is determined by two things; what our customers ask for and what best suits the style of beer. For us, those are the two most important things to consider when looking at packaging options, as far as we are concerned cask, keg, bottle and can all have advantages which can be maximised by matching it with the right style of beer and the right customer (that's you, we hope).

Members of the public can buy these beers direct from the brewery (info@360degreebrewing.com) if you're further afield we suggest using Eebria Retail who supply nationwide.

Trade customers can contact us direct by giving us a call or dropping us an e-mail and we can give you more details on the beer and getting it to you. Trade customers can also buy our beer nationwide through Eebria.




Brewed with a combination of Kentish and North American hops, this is a lighter-bodied, fully flavoured golden ale. A SIBA award winner. 3.9% vol. Always available in cask and we now produce a 330ml canned version which is unflitered and so full of flavour and aroma.


 A modern version of a traditional Best Bitter, copper-coloured and brewed only with British hops to produce an aromatic ale with a clean bitterness. 4.2% vol. Available in cask and 500ml bottle.


 An American Pale Ale, heavily hopped after the boil to produce intense citrus and tropical aromas and a long bitter finish. Another SIBA Award winner. 5.0% vol. Available in cask and now available in 330ml can.

Session IPA

Brewed with Extra Pale Malt to give a light crisp body, this Session IPA is heavily dry-hopped to produce intense citrus flavours and aromas. Our most recent SIBA Award winner. 4.3% vol. Available in cask, keg, KeyKeg and 330ml can.


Brewed with five different malts, including Flaked Oats, to create a smooth, dark Stout, with a chocolate sweetness, balanced with the generous use of Fuggles hops. 4.9% vol. We try to have it always on sale but it is sometimes not around over the summer months but check with us. Available in cask, KeyKeg and 330ml can.

West Coast Pale

True to its origins, this Californian-style pale ale is packed with the fruitiest and most vibrant American hops, set against a delicate pale and crystal malt grist. 5.2% and currently available in cask.


Our modern take on the classic lager style.  True to its roots, this beer is cold-conditioned to give a crisp, malty bite with German and Czech hops adding a delicate floral finish. 4.8% vol. Available in 50 litre kegs.

Seasonals and Specials

We have brewed a number of different seasonals over the years and continue to experiment with different beers, often in response to requests. When we are planning a new beer, we will post it here.

Single Hop

A light pale ale brewed with just one hop variety at a time, in the past we have used Mosaic, Simcoe, Olicana and Citra. Whatever the hop we use, it is always fruity, with citrus flavours and aromas in a golden session pale ale. 4.1% vol. Available in cask only.

New Zealand Pale

Using New Zealand hops for aroma and setting them against a very pale malt, creates a ight-drinking but hoppy-flavoured pale ale. 3.5% vol. Available in cask only.

Export India Porter

Brewed with a strong malt profile with an oat base allows for us to go heavy on the hops for this Porter. Three aromatic and flavoursome New World hops produce a Porter that is strong on body, big on aroma and large on taste. 5.8% vol. Available in cask and KeyKeg.

Rye Pale

Seven different malts, including Rye, provide a rich platform for the combination of North American and Australian hops added throughout the boil. 5.2% vol. Seasonally available in cask and KeyKeg.

Blood Orange IPA

A variety of different malts creates the blood orange hue and sweetness to compliment the orange and citrus hop flavours. It is dry-hopped and Sicilian orange extract added to create a unique flavour and aroma. 4.9% vol. Available in cask and KeyKeg.


A complex malt profile, blended with New World and British hops to create a robust, full-bodied IPA. Inspired by the traditional style, with the heavy use of hops in the latter stages of the brew and dry hop additions. 6.0% vol. Normally available in KeyKeg.