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Welcome to 360 Degree Brewing

We believe that everyone deserves a good beer. Whether you like a hoppy Session IPA or a bold and rich Porter we believe we have something for you. Our goal is to produce as wide a range of beers as we can (we are only small though so we are limited in the number of beers at any one time) but across the different styles, we always use the best ingredients, brew in small batches and ensure that the quality of the beer is the priority. We are a craft brewer in every sense of the word, from the beers we create, to the way we brew them and through to how we engage with our customers and community. It's all about the beer.

Trade Sales

We welcome new enquiries from trade customers and we can either just send you a one-off availability list or add you to a list to receive it reguarly. We do not bombard our customers with e-mails and calls, we monitor how often they buy from us and contact them accordingly. If you need any more information about trade sales, feel free to drop us an email.

We deliver into Brighton and locally every Tuesday, into London every Wednesday and then once a month we are in West Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire (in each one week).

Direct Sales

Members of the public can buy beer from the brewery during the week, we are open until at least 4pm, but to avoid disappointment (i.e. no beer) please call or e-mail us during the week to find out what is available. Our bottles, cans and minicasks are always on sale and we also normally have something on draught for take-home fresh beer in 9 pints, 18 pints (10 litres) or 36 pints (20 litres). If you're planning a really big bash we can supply a whole (72 pint) cask. Just call or e-mail for more details.

If you cannot make it to the brewery, you can buy our beer nationwide through Eebria.



Latest News

Apr 18 2018

Pils all over

Having become a house lager in a couple of large venues in Central London, our Pils is also going down a storm at a number of Craft Beer Co. sites in town and nearby to the brewery in Brighton. Don't worry, still plenty of cask and keg beers still being produced (as you can see from the new beers section).

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Keeping up with the beer

If you want to know where our beer is currently being served, the best place to start is on our Twitter page.