360° Brewing Company

Our Approach

We started by asking people what they liked and we continue this through to today, via the odd tasting session and our Owners Club. We like to brew some different recipes and we like to ask people what they think before we then go on and refine the recipe and create a beer. Our mission is to create many different styles of beer with the quality of recipes, products and process always a priority. We believe that whatever your taste, everyone deserves a good beer.

Our Background

We began to sell commercially in 2013 and partly because we did not have a background in brewing and partly because we wanted to brew beers that people told us they wanted to drink, we asked people what they liked. We did some test brews and asked them again and then started to develop what became our core range. And so, we built an approach around brewing what people tell us they want to drink, rather than us telling them what they should be drinking.

Our Name

360 Degree Brewing Company was born out of the fact that we are located right next to the Greenwich Meridian in East Sussex, which means we are at zero degrees longitude or 360 degrees longitude, if you look at things from another angle. This also suited our approach to ask drinkers what they want to drink and involving them in creating our beers. This applies to social media feedback right through to structured tastings with groups like our Owners Club.

The Beers

As explained above, our approach is very simple, ask people what they like and then give that to them. We wanted our beer names to be simple and so our core range tries hard to give the drinker clear and precise information. We wanted people in a pub, an off-licence or even in a friend's kitchen to be able to look at the beer branding and immediately have a good understanding of the beer.

The Owners Club

In 2014 we formed our Owners Club, partly to start to build a community around the brewery and partly to have a few fun nights. For an annual subscription, members receive invites to two of our nights at the brewery throughout the year and some merchandise, such as a t-shirt, as well as 10% off all purchases direct from the brewery. For more information, contact johns@360degreebrewing.com

The Awards

In our first three years, we have won a Gold for our Pale #39 at the SIBA Regionals for London and the South East and a bronze for our bottled West Coast #50 the following year. In 2016 our Session IPA (formerly known as Project Gemini) won the Silver awards in can form. This April, following our rebranding, we won the SIBA’s coveted national Concept Design Award. The recognition keeps coming, having now won in cask, keg, can and "design" categories we are pretty chuffed that our approach seems to be working.